Driver Knowledge Tests

Can you drive with cruise control in the rain?

Cruise control is a common technology that allows you to set a particular speed on your car and the car will try to maintain that speed. This is usually regardless of the road conditions, the actual speed limit or the

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10 newer vehicle technology features you should look out for (+images and video)

When you are learning to drive and looking at your first car you will see a bewildering number of names, abbreviations and acronyms for functions and technology on cars. Some features will help with safety while others are luxury and

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12 functions you need to know in your car (+images)

Here are 12 important functions that can make your life easier in your car. Window lock The window lock prevents rear seat passengers opening their windows. It’s usually a button that looks like a window with a cross through it,

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Tips for Keeping Under the Speed Limit

It wasn’t that long ago that a human’s maximum speed was how fast he could run. Then he tamed horses, then the wind in sailboats and then horsepower in engines. Now, we can travel at speeds well in excess of

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