Driver Knowledge Tests

Ebook: How to Drive a Light Vehicle

Sometimes you are forced into a situation of having to create supremely clear learning materials. That is what Peter Chalmers, a driving instructor since 2000, found when he travelled with his wife to work in an orphanage in India for

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Driverless cars: will the future mean you don’t have to have a driving licence?

To drive a car, you need a licence. It’s how it’s been for many decades, but it might not be like that forever because the car might be able to drive you. Driverless cars, also called self-driving cars or autonomous

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What’s the best car for a new driver?

Most people are going to learn to drive in the family car and that could be anything from an old sedan through to a modern hot hatch. Later model cars are adorned with all kinds of driver aids like traction

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