Driver Knowledge Tests

Can you drive when you are deaf?

Drivers of private vehicles are allowed to drive while deaf, although they should be advised by an audiologist regarding any limitations because of their deafness. Hearing aids, sensors and other means of warning drivers can help. However, it is suspected

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How do you stop birds and bats pooing on your car or truck?

It can destroy your paintwork if you leave it long enough as it is corrosive. Once it goes through the clearcoat, it will gradually spread and suddenly an entire panel will look terrible. If it’s not birds, it’s bats causing

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When should you change gear?

Advanced drivers will choose to change gears more than novice drivers because changing gear is about being in the right gear for the needs of the driver. Drivers of manual cars need to change gears all the time, whereas drivers

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How much does driving affect the environment?

We hear frequently that driving is bad for the environment, but why? While we are not asking you to get out of your cars, it’s good for you to know the impact of driving so you can make a choice

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What is a hubodometer and how does it work?

A hubodometer (also called a ‘hubo‘) is a device mounted on the axle of a vehicle which measures the distance it has travelled. Hubodometer uses Trailers: They are most commonly seen on trailers where they are the only way to

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What is relay car theft and how can you stop it?

Relay car theft, or ‘relay attack’ is when criminals use the keyless entry system of a car against itself by tricking the car into thinking the wireless remote is next to it. It works on cars where you can enter

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Can you drive at night as a learner?

Different states have different rules for driving at night before you get your full licence. All learners can drive at night because they are supervised by a person with a licence. In fact, each state has its own recommendations for

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