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How to become a driving instructor

This article covers obtaining your licence and beginning work as a driving instructor. A driving instructor is any person who teaches another person to drive for money or reward. To do this legally you must hold a Driving Instructor’s licence.

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Vehicle telematics will change your vehicle insurance

Insurance companies are gradually moving to coerce private drivers to install telematics devices in their vehicles in order to attract a lower premium, and it’s not just young learner drivers that are being targeted. However, there is a huge privacy backlash, and

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The health risks of being a driving instructor

Your job as a driving instructor could be slowly causing you illness and injury which may restrict your ability to earn money. The risks that taxi, bus and truck drivers are exposed to are well-known, but they are not published

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Health risks associated with being a professional driver of buses or trucks

The gradual increase in traffic and competitiveness of the transport sector has increased the stress that professional drivers have to deal with on a daily basis over the last few decades. Traffic pollution adds other health concerns to an occupation

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Driverless cars: will the future mean you don’t have to have a driving licence?

To drive a car, you need a licence. It’s how it’s been for many decades, but it might not be like that forever because the car might be able to drive you. Driverless cars, also called self-driving cars or autonomous

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How to choose a driving instructor

When you first start driving you can choose to be supervised by a relative or friend, as long as they have an Australian unrestricted Class C driver’s licence or higher. However, everyone develops bad driving habits over time and not

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