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Interesting car tech that will be the new normal

While it’s taking the motoring world some time to get used to the idea that the Ford GT sports a V6 engine that pushes out 600 horsepower and is subsequently knocking the V8 off its throne, motorists will have to brace

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Will traffic lights be obsolete in the future?

Intersections are the most dangerous place on the road. Half of all crashes occur at intersections. Traffic lights attempt to meter traffic to help prevent the types of higher speed crashes that occur at rural intersections, but there are still

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How are people encouraged to drive sensibly and what more can be done?

The main ways people are encouraged to drive sensibly and within the road rules are fear-based. Road rules have penalties and demerit points attached to modify our behaviour, and the consequences of having an accident can be socially and emotionally

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Insurance reductions for drivers of vehicles with automatic braking

When you are buying a new car if you choose a car that has automatic braking (Autonomous Emergency Braking, or AEB) fitted as standard, and you are insured with Insurance Group Australia (IAG) then you will get a policy discount

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Vehicle telematics will change your vehicle insurance

Insurance companies are gradually moving to coerce private drivers to install telematics devices in their vehicles in order to attract a lower premium, and it’s not just young learner drivers that are being targeted. However, there is a huge privacy backlash, and

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After 700,000 miles, Google’s self-driving cars are smarter than humans

With over 700,000 miles (1.13 million kilometres) of test driving on the roads around Mountain View, California, Google’s autonomous car is not intelligent enough to recognise a cyclist’s hand signal and to navigate through roadworks. While it’s fairly straightforward for

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What is a vehicle platoon?

A vehicle platoon is a group of vehicles that travels in close proximity to one another, nose-to-tail, at highway speeds. A lead vehicle is followed by a number of other vehicles that closely match their speed and manoeuvres to the

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