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How and when to use your handbrake or parking brake in a car

With a name like parking brake, it should be obvious when you should use it, but it’s also called a handbrake, emergency brake or e-brake in various parts of the world. It’s not just as simple as understanding that you

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Are you allowed to park on the footpath?

Unlike Victoria, where you can park motorbikes and scooters on footpaths, in New South Wales you are not allowed to park on the footpath or a nature strip. A footpath means an area generally designed for and used by pedestrians

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How to avoid damage when parking and manoeuvring

Parking is one of those times when you can scrape or bump your car quite easily. Even if you don’t, sometimes you’ll return to your car and someone else has done it and left. Here are 18¬†¬†rock-solid strategies for reducing

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What to do if a car is blocking your driveway

Negligently or willfully obstructing, hindering or preventing the free passage of traffic is an offence. It’s also an offence to cause unreasonable inconvenience to other motorists, and that’s the law under which blocking someone’s driveway falls. If your driveway is

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8 more new vehicle features that improve safety and convenience (+images and video)

There are some technologies that are starting to become more common on vehicles which help with safety and convenience, and can be beneficial to the environment. Regenerative braking Regenerative braking is when kinetic energy is recovered during braking. Usually, braking

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Parking rules

This guide explains safe parking and what you are and aren’t allowed to do when parking in NSW. Safe parking When a vehicle is safely parked it is visible and not obstructing other road users. At night time, if you

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12 functions you need to know in your car (+images)

Here are 12 important functions that can make your life easier in your car. Window lock The window lock prevents rear seat passengers opening their windows. It’s usually a button that looks like a window with a cross through it,

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