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What is trailer sway and how do you stop it?

Trailer sway, or fishtailing, is when a trailer begins to move from side-to-side on its own, eventually resulting in flipping and (sometimes) turning the towing vehicle over, too. You can see an example in the video below. It doesn’t happen on

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How to become a tow truck driver or operator

Tow truck driver vs tow truck operator First decide whether you want to be a tow truck operator (a person that conducts a tow truck business), or just a tow truck driver (a person that works for a tow truck

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How to tow a horse float

Put a horse in a horse float and you’ve got a couple of tonnes of unstable weight behind your vehicle. It is not like towing a trailer with furniture in the back, because horses move around and you will feel

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8 more new vehicle features that improve safety and convenience (+images and video)

There are some technologies that are starting to become more common on vehicles which help with safety and convenience, and can be beneficial to the environment. Regenerative braking Regenerative braking is when kinetic energy is recovered during braking. Usually, braking

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Complete guide to towing a caravan

Once you have your P2 or full licence you can tow a caravan, tent trailer or camper trailer. If you have never towed a trailer before, read our definitive guide to towing, here, as it has weights, measures and general advice.

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