Driver Knowledge Tests

What is traction control?

Traction control is a method used in vehicles to stop the drive wheels from spinning. The drive wheels are the wheels that are powered by the motor. Traction control serves two main purposes: Stop the driver losing control Reduce unnecessary tyre

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What should you check on your car before winter?

As the weather gets colder, breakdowns and accidents become more likely, especially if you’re going to be travelling in a snowy or icy area this winter. Your car needs to be prepared for the journey, so it’s a good idea

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Learning to drive in winter: overcoming dangers

Even though the weather is worse in winter, it can actually be more beneficial to learn to drive then. As the days are getting shorter and the weather is closing in, should you wait to learn to drive, or hoe

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Going skiing in NSW? Here are 22 handy snow driving tips

Given that our temperatures mostly range between mild to scorching, it’s highly likely that you will not have had much experience driving in snow. Usually you would try to avoid driving in the snow if your journey isn’t necessary. However,

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Driving safely in rough conditions

Australia has some of the most diverse and punishing landscapes in the world, particularly in the outback. Searing heat, high humidity, corrugated roads, potholes, cattle grids, large road kill and torrential rain can occur within 100km on the same road!

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