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Vehicle safety in high winds: curtainside trucks

Strong winds can easily blow your truck over. In fact, a 100km/h gust can put as much as 30 tonnes of pressure on the side of a semitrailer. If you’re running empty or carrying a light load like cornflakes, your

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What should you check on your car before winter?

As the weather gets colder, breakdowns and accidents become more likely, especially if you’re going to be travelling in a snowy or icy area this winter. Your car needs to be prepared for the journey, so it’s a good idea

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End of daylight saving brings accident risks for motorists

Daylight saving begins on the first Sunday in October when clocks are put forwards an hour and ends on the first Sunday of April when clocks are put back one hour. Insurance companies in the UK report that when the

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Wet weather motorbike riding tips

Riding your motorbike in the wet requires that you change your riding technique slightly and pay more attention to the road ahead. Grip levels When it just starts raining after a period of dry weather, the road will be very

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Driving or riding in strong winds

This article covers tips for cars, motorbikes and heavy vehicles when driving in strong winds, and includes considering what other road users may do. NSW holds positions three to eight in the most windiest places in Australia (around the Newcastle

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