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Traffic lights in Australia

Australia’s traffic lights conform to international standards, however if you are coming to Australia from another country there may be differences in the phasing to what you are used to. Traffic light colours and phasing Traffic lights have the phasing

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Why don’t the traffic lights change?

At traffic lights there is often a buried coil of wire just behind the give way line called an induction loop traffic detector that detects large metal objects immediately above, such as a car or truck. They are used to

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Road Rules Awareness Week

Road Rules Awareness week is the time to have a little refresher on those tricky rules that you forget over time. There are some rules where many drivers are confused, e.g. how to signal on roundabouts, and others that may be

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Intersections, roundabouts, lanes and traffic lights rules

This article covers intersections, roundabouts, lane use and traffic light rules in New South Wales, including where road traffic intersects with other traffic like pedestrians, cyclists and trams/light rail. Intersections Intersections will be controlled by traffic lights or give way

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12 amazing and daunting junctions around the world

The following 12 junctions are some of the most complex to drive anywhere in the world. Make sure you know your intersection rules before trying to drive through them. Let’s start with our four best ones in Sydney, Canberra and

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