Driver Knowledge Tests

How do you work out speed vs time vs distance?

There are simple equations you can use if you want to estimate how long it’ll take you to get somewhere. Distance = Speed * Time You can make any of these variables (or ‘terms’) the subject of the equation, therefore:

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Where can you drive fast?

We’re not going to deny that driving fast can be fun, but it’s not a good idea on the road in Australia. There are plenty of places you can legally drive fast, though. Racetracks Racetracks often hold track days or

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Where are the speed cameras in New South Wales

Here is the location of many of the speed cameras in NSW on a map: The Transport for NSW Centre for Road Safety also has a database of fixed camera locations (standard and those in school zones), mobile camera operating

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How can a new driver drive more safely?

Congratulations. You’ve spent a lot of your own personal time learning how to drive so that you can achieve your goal of a full licence. Now you’ve got it, you still need to get more experience, but hopefully without having

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