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What is a smart motorway?

A smart motorway uses a number of systems working together in real-time to improve travel times, respond to emergencies and incidents and actively manage traffic based on the current conditions. As opposed to a standard motorway which simply has a

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Vehicle metering on motorway on-ramps: why are there traffic lights?

Ramp metering is when traffic lights are used on motorway on-ramps to restrict the number and timing of vehicles allowed to enter the motorway. Traffic is held back in order to break up platoons of vehicles which make it difficult

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Motorway on-ramps and entrances: how are they designed for effective merging?

Merging into a stream of traffic is a critically important skill, especially at motorway speeds where getting it wrong can cause a serious crash. We merge like a zip – alternating vehicles slotting into the line of vehicles already on the

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Safe driving on motorways

In Australia you will encounter speed limits of 100kph or 110kph on motorways. Motorways are designed to allow a large volume of traffic to move at speed. In general they are safer than two-way roads because there’s less likelihood of

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