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Tips for getting car air conditioning to work better

When you get in your vehicle and it’s hot, run the air conditioning immediately, but leave the doors or windows open until the temperature inside the cabin normalises to the temperature outside the cabin. This means that air being passed

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How does air conditioning work in your car or truck?

Air conditioning helps a driver to stay focussed as excessive heat can lead to dehydration and discomfort within the vehicle’s cabin – something that’s important for long-distance drivers to avoid as driving dehydrated is like driving with alcohol in your

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Risks of driving in hot weather

Australians should beĀ used to driving in hot weather, but every year motorists get caught out. If you’re a new motorist, learning to drive, this guide gives you all the dangers you might face when driving in hot weather. Sun dazzle

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10 more new vehicle technologies to look out for (+ images )

If you’re thinking of buying a car you’ll need to get acquainted with the rapidly evolving array of technology and features available, some of which improve safety and others that increase comfort or convenience. Front-mounted cameras Front-mounted cameras are rare,

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Learning to drive? Here are 12 things you need to know that your car does (with images)

The first time you get in a car you’ll see a potentially confusing array of switches, dials, stalks (wands), buttons, gauges and readouts. Modern cars have more and more of these features. High-beam or full-beam headlights When you turn your

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