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Risks of driving in hot weather

Australians should beĀ used to driving in hot weather, but every year motorists get caught out. If you’re a new motorist, learning to drive, this guide gives you all the dangers you might face when driving in hot weather. Sun dazzle

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10 more new vehicle technologies to look out for (+ images )

If you’re thinking of buying a car you’ll need to get acquainted with the rapidly evolving array of technology and features available, some of which improve safety and others that increase comfort or convenience. Front-mounted cameras Front-mounted cameras are rare,

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Learning to drive? Here are 12 things you need to know that your car does (with images)

The first time you get in a car you’ll see a potentially confusing array of switches, dials, stalks (wands), buttons, gauges and readouts. Modern cars have more and more of these features. High-beam or full-beam headlights When you turn your

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