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What is street furniture?

Street furniture (also called road furniture) are items added to roads, footpaths and verges to help influence road user behaviour and assist pedestrians.


Public amenity signs

Public amenity signs give¬†pedestrians information about the local area. In the case of the sign below it’s a liquor ban, but it could be for a park or nature reserve.

alcohol free zone sign


Benches come in many shapes. The ones below maximise the space near the taxi rank.


Bus stops

Bus stops can be as simple as a sign (like this), or a structure with a roof.

bus stop sign

Rubbish bins

rubbish bin

Bike racks

Bike racks can be standalone like this, or sometimes they are attached to other structures such as lamp posts.

bike racks

Sculpture and public art

Public art increases the general amenity of an area

sculpture frog


Anti-sit/lie structures are used to stop people from congregating in a certain place, e.g. homeless people.


Water fountain

water fountain

Phone boxes

sydney telephone box



Other examples of road furniture

Public toilets, phone boxes, fire hydrants and historical markers.


Street lights

Perhaps the most ubiquitous type of road furniture, street lights improve safety and visibility. They can be simple like the one shown below, or some tourist areas have design themes.

street light silhouette

Parking meters

Pay for your parking tickets in these. There are several types.

parking meter

Fences and barriers



Bollards help prevent people parking in areas they shouldn’t park.



Cameras can be used for security monitoring or speeding/red light running offence detection and prosecution.


Traffic signs

Signs are there to instruct road users and there are hundreds of different types

railway level crossing sign

Traffic lights

amber light stop left turn on red

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