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What are the rules for using vehicles in a cycle lane?

Motorised vehicle drivers can’t use cycle lanes to drive in unless:

  • They are crossing them to enter or exit a driveway or side road, in which case they can drive up to 50 metres in the cycle lane
  • They are crossing them to move from a service lane or other parallel road onto the main carriageway or vice versa
  • They are parking in the cycle lane (where permitted), in which case they can drive up to 50 metres in the cycle lane
  • They are a bus driver, taxi driver or minibus driver dropping off or picking up passengers
  • They temporarily have to straddle a cycle lane to avoid an obstruction, e.g. a broken down vehicle, an obstacle in the road, or to overtake a vehicle that’s slowing down and turning right
  • They are directed to do so by a police officer or a traffic sign (e.g. there are road works and the cycle lane has been opened to allow traffic to continue using the road, or the cycle lane is temporarily open to other traffic).
  • E-scooters can be used in bike lanes in some areas – check your local laws

If you do have to cross into a cycle lane, be sure to check in your blind spots. Drivers of long vehicles must be extremely careful.

This cycle lane is separated from the road by a kerb. Other cycle lanes, though, are only marked with a line

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