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Using a life coach to help you pass your driving test

Should you use a life coach to help you pass your driving test? A life coach will help you assess where you are in life and where you want to get to and then give you strategies and ways to achieve it. We spoke to Lisa Phillips, based in Sydney. She has 13 years experience in improving people’s confidence.

Under what circumstances would a person use a life coach in relation to learning to drive, or increasing their driving skills?

Amazing-coach-lisa-phillips“The main reason people come to see me is confidence. If you think you are going to fail anything, whether it is taking a driving test or public speaking, you will fail! Therefore, a coach can assist you look at why you lack confidence, and what you can do to boost your confidence in these areas. Self-talk is key. If you beat yourself up every time you make a mistake when you are driving or taking a test , you are only going to make it more difficult for you next time. It’s important to soothe and encourage yourself, not terrify yourself!  We really are our own worst enemies in the way that we speak to ourselves.

“Saying that, everyone is different but whatever issue we are dealing with, I find it often comes down to a lack of belief in ourselves, low self-worth or self-esteem.  Once you work on these things, the changes are simple! Most people work to change something outside of them rather that what is inside of them such as their belief system and values.  For me, inside out is key!”

What should a person expect when they engage you as a life coach, how long would you spend with them (typically) to help achieve their objectives, and what is the process?

“For me, the average time I spend with clients is around 5-7 hours.  For most people, this is sufficient time for them to learn the skills and tools they need to achieve their individual objectives and start to feel better about themselves!   I work with my clients around 1 hour every  2 weeks and set them homework to do in between each session. This way, any changes are integrated and long lasting. All the homework is tailored to the client and it can include a range of things.   I also do coaching on the phone and via Skype.

“Again, everyone is different so there is no right or wrong time to engage a coach.”

What questions should you ask your life coach to ensure they’re the right fit for you?

“It’s good to have a chat with the coach first to make sure that they are experienced and qualified in the area you are looking for assistance in. Unfortunately, coaching is not highly regulated so it’s important to find the right coach for you.  Look around and recommendations are always good. Ask them what processes they would use to help you but also make sure that they are not just reading from a text book and have genuine experience. It is important to have a good rapport with your coach as well and feel you can trust them.

Are there any other techniques/methods/treatments that you would recommend that augment life coaching and improve its results?

“We are all individuals so its good to find activities which can support your overall health and wellbeing. I used affirmations and visualisations in my coaching as well as a number of other techniques.

“Again, find what works for you. I don’t believe in struggling to do anything that you don’t enjoy. Life is about finding the flow of things you bring you joy and happiness, not struggling to do things you think you should do.”

Lisa can be found via her website.

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