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Motorbike riding tips for hot weather

In summer you see many motorcyclists riding wearing shorts, thongs and t-shirts not realising (or not caring) that their skin versus tarmac is not a contest that skin will win. But, it’s hot. Really hot. Summer is the time you

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Is it illegal to drive or ride in thongs?

In summer your favourite weekend footwear is likely to be the humble thong. Many people drive and ride wearing them, but is it legal? Thongs don’t provide the best traction on the pedals and they can get caught underneath the

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High visibility equipment for motorbikes

Motorcyclists and cyclists are much more vulnerable than cars and heavy vehicles on the road, especially at night. There is a wide variety of equipment, though, that can help with visibility on the roads. Illuminated bands LED technology is now

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Essential protective clothing for riding your motorcycle

Tarmac will shred your skin in a fraction of a second if you slide along it at speed. We’ve all had grazed knees and elbows from coming off a pushbike at only a few kilometres per hour. Now imagine it

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More transparency on motorcycle protective clothing needed says IAM

The Institute of Advanced Motorists in the UK recently surveyed 700 motorcyclists to find out their experience of buying protective clothing. 90% of riders say they ride with protective clothing all the time, but 43% of them said that the

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