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Driving tips for a Roadranger gearbox

A Roadranger gearbox is a non-synchro manual gearbox used in many American and Asian trucks. We covered how to change gear using a Roadranger previously, and for detailed operation and techniques from professional drivers and driver trainers you can learn

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How do you drive an 18-speed Roadranger truck gearbox?

Many American and some Asian prime movers and heavy rigid (HR) trucks have a gearbox from Eaton called the Fuller Roadranger (or Road Ranger). Common formats are 9, 13, 15 and 18 gears. These extra ratios give you much more

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When should you change gear?

Advanced drivers will choose to change gears more than novice drivers because changing gear is about being in the right gear for the needs of the driver. Drivers of manual cars need to change gears all the time, whereas drivers

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Manual or automatic? What should you learn in?

When you are learning to drive, if you learn in a car with an automatic gearbox you won’t be allowed to drive a manual car. If you learn with a manual gearbox, you’ll be able to drive both an automatic

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