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Crossbuck road signs in Australia

A crossbuck road sign is made of two slats of word or metal of equal length fastened together on a pole in a saltire formation (i.e. resembling an X). The only crossbuck signs in Australia are for railway crossings or tramway crossings. The crossbuck design is sometimes represented within a rectangular sign (e.g. the red sign), or stylised (e.g. the yellow signs).

There may be an indication underneath the sign of how many tracks there are to cross, or whether the crossing is on a side road.

Many other countries use a similar sign from Botswana to Zambia. Below are our crossbuck signs. Now see if you know all the signs in the DKT by taking a signs quiz here.

Australia_R6-24_(multiple_tracks).svg Australia_R6-25_(multiple_tracks).svg

Australia_RX-7_(R).svg Australia_RX-11.svg Australia_W7-4.svg


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