Driver Knowledge Tests

Heavy truck braking distances

An SUV weighs 2000kg and has four wheels in contact with the road. A typical prime mover and semitrailer could weigh 20 times that, but with only five times as many wheels in contact with the road. This difference in

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How do forward collision warning and autonomous emergency braking work?

One of the biggest causes of accidents is people braking too late. When we look at the road we are constantly scanning for hazards, but once we see something our brain has to process it against a set of likely

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How does anti-lock braking (ABS) work?

What is ABS? ABS is an electro-mechanical system which uses a system of sensors and valves to stop a wheel from locking, which would cause a skid. ABS does not stop a vehicle from skidding sideways, e.g. through taking a

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Braking distances and stopping distances

Braking, or stopping distance, is the distance a vehicle travels from the full application of its brakes until it has stopped. Vehicle manufacturers try to shorten stopping distances because the shorter the distance, the more likely the driver is to

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