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School zone parking offences

South_Australia_School_Zone_(red).svg (1)If you are in a school zone parking penalties are particularly onerous and result in steep fines and demerit points during school hours. The rules are there to improve the safety of child pedestrians and to reduce traffic congestion around schools. School zones are marked by signs giving the speed limit and the times they are in operation. To view all school signs, see this guide. Here’s how your wallet could be hit.

59px-Australian_No_Stopping_sign_(R5-400)_double_arrow_(slim).svgNo stopping signs are bold and red and have a white arrow at the bottom showing you where the zone is enforced – either left, right or both sides of the sign. It means you must not stop your vehicle at any point on the road or kerb unless there’s a medical or other emergency.

The maximum penalty is $425 and 2 demerit points.

no parking sign

This sign also indicates the direction in which is applies – left, right or either side of the sign. It means that you have no more than two minutes for picking up or dropping off a passenger or goods, and the driver must stay within three metres of the vehicle.

The maximum penalty is $177 and 2 demerit points.

clearway bus zoneIn a bus zone, which you can see on the bottom right of this photo, you are not allowed to stop unless you are driving a bus. The direction of the arrow shows the direction in which the restriction applies.

The maximum penalty is $319 and 2 demerit points.

Signs may be displayed in combination like this. It shows it’s also a clearway between 6-10am and 3-7pm, and there’s no stopping to the left of the sign.


Other penalties

Stop on or near a children’s crossing or pedestrian crossing: $425 and 2 demerit points

Stop on a path or strip in an urban area: $177 and two demerit points

Stop or park in a disabled marked area without a permit: $531

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