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School road signs in Australia

School signs are often conspicuous bright colours. Many of them will be accompanied by a speed restriction applicable usually between 8-9:30am and 2:30-4pm while children tend to be walking or biking to and from school. Different States may use slightly different formatting and layout of the signs.

 Australia_W6-3_(fluorescent).svg Australia_W6-3.svg
 Western_Australia_MR-WDP-3.svg  Northern_Territory_W6-3F.svg
 Victoria_R4-V105.svg (1) South_Australia_School_Zone_(red).svg (1)
 New_South_Wales_R4-235.svg (1) New_South_Wales_R4-230.svg (1)
 Australia_W8-24_(fluorescent).svg  Australia_W8-24.svg
 Northern_Territory_W8-24F.svg  Australia_R5-36_(vertical_-_school_times).svg (1)
 Northern_Territory_W6-4F.svg  Australia_W6-4_(fluoro_with_target_board).svg
 Australia_W6-4.svg  Australia_W6-4_(fluorescent).svg
 Western_Australia_MR-WDAX-11.svg  Northern_Territory_W8-14F.svg
 Australia_W8-14_(fluorescent).svg  Australia_W8-14.svg
 Australia_R4-8.svg (1)  New_South_Wales_R4-231.svg (1)
 Queensland_R4-Q04.svg (1)  Queensland_R4-Q01.svg (1)
 Queensland_R4-Q03.svg (1)  Western_Australia_MR-WDP-6.svg

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