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Road safety organisations in Australia

If you need information about road safety in Australia there are many organisations that are active in that arena. Some are run as government departments, such as the Office of Road Safety in Western Australia and the NSW Government Centre for Road Safety, while others are charities, lobby groups, advisory councils or non-profit organisations. The Police are participants in executing road safety strategy, and have some of their own resources such as this one from South Australia Police. Organisations like those mentioned below form persuasive lobby groups and create ways and means in which road users can be encouraged to improve their behaviour.

Some organisations provide resources for teachers and parents to help get their kids to and from school more safely such as Way2Go and

There are many organisations. The following are a sampling.

33900: The Australian Road Safety Collaboration is an awareness, advocacy and coordination framework highlighting that in 2010 33,990 people were killed or injured on the roads in Australia. It brings together a lot of disparate NGOs and other parties to facilitate collaboration to improve the effectiveness of initiatives.

For organisations that are actively involved in road safety, the Australian Road Safety Awards. The awards raise awareness about road safety and recognises successful strategies.

The Australian Road Safety Foundation is a non-profit organisation aiming to reduce road deaths and injuries nationally by changing the culture of Australian road users, developing standards for road safety initiatives, and raising awareness of the economic and social cost of road casualties.

The run the Fatality-Free Friday national road safety campaign, and are lobbying for a national road safety education program for school students to be integrated into the curriculum, amongst other things.

The Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety – Queensland (CARRS-Q) is a joint venture between Queensland University of Technology and the Motor Accident Insurance Commission. It performs a number of research education and outreach activities in road safety, looking at the human, economic and social costs of road crashes.

RADD (Recording Artists, Actors and Athletes Against Drink Driving) is a group of celebrities and other well-known people that use their name and profile to help influence driver behaviour, specifically not driving while drunk.

MADDA (Mothers Against Drink Driving Australia) is a victim action group that helps families who have had a relative killed in a drink driving accident. The members lobby government regarding drink driving laws and have community initiatives to raise awareness about the dangers of alcohol and driving. It’s based on a similar initiative in America.

Australasian College of Road Safety is a nationwide organisation that publishes road safety information, produces educational material, collates and presents research on best practices in road safety, and showcases innovation in road safety planning, policy, research, practice and evaluation.

Towards Zero Together is South Australia’s road safety strategy for 2020. It has produced an action plan which highlights key priority actions in the areas of investing in safer roads, creating safer communities and neighbourhoods, encouraging safer behaviours, continuously improving the licensing system, using new technologies and better informing communities.

The National Road Safety Partnership Program is a collaborative network for Australian organisations to build and implement effective road safety strategies in the workplace. It offers organisations the resources to improve road safety while improving business productivity.

Stay on Track Outback is a road safety initiative by the Queensland Police Service to help drivers who may not be familiar with driving in the Outback.

Other organisations you can check out include:

Join the Drive

Northern Territory Government Department of Transport – Road Safety

Queensland Government Department of Main Roads – Road Safety

South Australian Department of Transport – Road Safety

Tasmanian Department of State Growth

VicRoads – Safety and Rules

Road Safety Advisory Council

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