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How to deal with truck accidents

People who are operating large vehicles such as trucks have a lot of responsibility while being on the road. They need to keep themselves and their truck safe to ensure that pedestrians and other vehicles around them are safe. In case of an emergency, it helps to know what you should do to ensure that no further damage will occur. Knowing the correct procedures in handling a truck accident will not only save lives but also curb property losses and damages. 

Get yourself to safety

If you are involved in an accident, move off the road if possible so that your truck isn’t an obstacle for emergency services vehicles and you reduce your chance of being hit by another vehicle. Getting yourself to safety first is crucial, and you should aim to get your companions and the vehicle out of the way, assuming they are not injured.

You secure the safety of the people around you while avoiding further accidents by obstructing the road. If you or your passengers are suffering an injury to your head, neck or back, wait for assistance to avoid aggravating the situation.

Warning others

Turn on your hazard warning lights and call emergency services on 000. If you are carrying dangerous goods, supply the emergency response information to the dispatcher and have any documentation ready for when emergency services arrive. Other road users may not understand the dangerous goods placard on your truck or trailer and may not be aware of the dangers of any leaking packaging.

There is a big chance that the bystanders who have witnessed the accident have already called emergency services, but it is important that you still do when you can to be sure.

Render help to others

If there are people that need medical help and you are able to render assistance, do so, but do not make people’s injuries worse. People in shock will need to be kept warm and away from the scene. Move others away from the scene, if possible.

Documenting the scene

While waiting for an ambulance or the police, take as many pictures as you can and try to write down what you remember about the accident because these will help greatly later on. 

Notifying others

The calls you should do once you are treated are your family members and your lawyer who will take care of the paperwork for you. Your truck accident lawyer will also help you face the cases that might arise from the accident, and also help you claim damages and settlement should there be any. Focusing on your recovery should be your priority, so it is important to let the experts handle the gruelling task of fighting for your rights. 

If your truck or trailer are hired or leased, you need to contact the truck hire company to have them advise you of their insurance requirements.

Focus on recovery

Nothing is as important as your recovery after experiencing a truck accident. You can recover better if you have the responsible insurance to take care of your expenses and other hospital fees. Other problems should be dealt with by experts to ensure that you don’t get stressed out during the process. Your health is important so that you can go back to your life and start over again. 

No one likes to get injured or be hurt on the road. Any accident is difficult to process, but ensuring that you are in the right hands when times like this happen will ensure that you recover from it better. Remember to prioritize your safety and your recovery so you can handle things better. 

Darren is an expert on driving and transport, and is a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists

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