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Hazard road signs in Australia

Hazard road signs can indicate the direction of the road or the end of a road (e.g. at a T-intersection), usually with black chevrons on a white or yellow background. They may also give an indicated safe speed for a corner in dry weather.

They may be used to draw attention to an obstruction or direct traffic around it. There are other temporary road signs which feature chevrons and they will be covered in the temporary road signs article.

Here are the hazard road signs in Australia.

Victoria_D4-V110_(L).svg Victoria_D4-V110_(R).svg
 Australia_D4-1-1_(L).svg  Australia_D4-1-1_(R).svg
 Australia_D4-3_(L).svg  Australia_D4-3_(R).svg
 Queensland_D4-1-1-Q01_(L).svg  Queensland_D4-1-1-Q01_(R).svg
 Australia_D4-1-2_(L).svg  Australia_D4-1-2_(R).svg
Australia_D4-2-2.svg  Queensland_D4-2-2-Q01.svg
 Australia_D4-6_(L).svg  Australia_D4-6_(R).svg
120px-Au.avoid.svg Australia_RX-9.svg
 Australia_D4-2-3_(double).svg Australia_D4-2-3.svg

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