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Guide road signs in Australia

Guide road signs tend to be blue or brown with white or yellow icons and white lettering, although the red signs advising of a steep descents grades are guides, too.

They can include tourist information, public areas such as sports fields and community halls, parking, hospitals, airports and public amenities such as toilets or camping.

Here are some of Australia’s guide road signs.

Australia_G7-1-1.svg Australia_G7-2-1.svg
 Australia_G7-2-6.svg  Australia_7-5-2.svg
 Australia_7-3-1_(service).svg  Australia_7-3-1_(parking).svg
 Australia_G5-14.svg  Australia_G5-13.svg
 Western_Australia_MR-SM-1.svg Western_Australia_MR-SM-11.svg
 Australia_G9-82.svg  Australia_G9-83.svg
 Australia_7-3-2.svg  Australia_7-4-2.svg
 Australia_G7-1-6.svg  Australia_G5-8.svg
 Australia_G7-1-3.svg  Australia_G7-2-3.svg
 Australia_7-4-3.svg  Australia_7-4-4.svg
 Australia_G7-1-4.svg  Australia_G7-2-4.svg
 Australia_G7-1-2.svg  Australia_G7-2-2.svg
 Australia_7-3-3.svg  Australia_G5-7.svg

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