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Overdimension truck penalties

The maximum truck height is 4.3m without a permit being required. Trucks can drive on all roads, unless there’s a specific low bridge. Some trucks are able to operate at 4.6m if they operate subject to the 4.6-metre High Vehicle Route Notice 2013; a permit notice is required and the number of roads they can travel on is restricted. If it’s over 4.6m then a specific permit is required.

If a truck is too tall or long for the road it is on, the driver and operator can receive penalties, whether you cause any damage or not.

If damage is caused, the penalties are:

  • 6 demerit points
  • a penalty notice of $2200 (soon to be $4400)
  • a maximum court penalty of over $3700.

Plus, any damage caused will need to be repaired and that is the responsibility of the driver.

Workers repair a bridge after a beam was deformed due to a strike by an overheight vehicle

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