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North American animal road signs

As well as driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road if you go to America, you’ll see some signs that are unique based on their wildlife.

beware-of-panthers-sign-america Panthers, bobcats and lynx can be found in some areas of North America. All will generally run away, but bear in mind that you could become prey for a large cat in desperate times. If you injure one, call wildlife services, don’t approach it yourself as it will be frightened and could attack you.
 snake-crossing-arizona-america Snakes are common in the southwestern states of America, although you can find them right up into Canada. They will bask on hot tarmac. Avoid running over them. Also, if you have to leave your car, be careful not to tread on one.
 sheep-crossing-sign-america Sheep will be running free in some areas. In others, farmers will drive them from paddock to paddock, which might mean crossing a road.
 moose-area-sign-america Moose occur in the northernmost states of America, and up into Canada, plus in the Rockies. Larger than a horse, they will cause significant damage to your vehicle if you hit one. They are especially dangerous for motorcyclists at night when they are less visible.
 nene-crossing-sign-hawaii If you go to Hawaii you might see the endangered Nene. It’s a type of goose only found in Hawaii. There are less than 2000 left, although this is much better than the 30 birds that remained in 1952 when conservation efforts began. Slow down around these birds as one of the main causes of fatalities is cars.
 beware-of-bears-sign-america Bears are common in the northern states of America, and Canada. Large, solidly built and relatively slow-moving you can find them right in amongst human habitat as well as out in the wilderness.
 bear-zone-sign-america Another bear warning sign
 wildlife-on-road-sign-america General wildlife warning.
 badger-crossing-sign-america American badgers are common and range throughout most of the middle and northern states. Wild badgers are quite fierce and will defend themselves against bears and wolves.
 bighorn-sheep-crossing-sign-america Bighorn sheep are rare and can weigh up to 140kg. They’re mostly found in mountainous country.
 buffalos-warning-sign-america Wild Bison (or American Buffalo) are only found in a few small pockets, but are raised in many areas commercially. They are heavy, aggressive animals that can jump almost 2m vertically, run at over 60kph and will go through most attempts to confine them (including razor wire). Three times as many people are injured by bisons each year than bears in Yellowstone National Park. Try to avoid hitting one in your car as it will come off second-best.
 cattle-crossing-sign-us-america Cattle are also raised in America and Canada, as in Australia, and can be found on roads in some areas.
 cayote-crossing-sign-america Coyotes are bigger than dingos and range throughout America and Canada.
 dear-crossing-sign-america Large deer are common, especially in the northern states.
 donkey-crossing-sign-america In some areas, donkeys can be found.
 duck-crossing-america Waterbirds tend to have little road sense, especially ducks and geese. Some of them can be big enough to cause damage to your vehicle if you hit them at speed.
 equestrian-warning-sign-america Near equestrian facilities, and in some areas where horses are still used commonly as transport you might find this sign. In Amish areas you might also see a sign with a horse pulling a covered cart.
 goat-crossing-sign-america This sign is sometimes seen in farming areas.

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