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New Zealand animal road signs

Many of us will go for a quick trip to New Zealand at some time in our lives – flights are cheap. Unlike here, though, New Zealand doesn’t have a huge number of large animals that you can run into. Possums are protected here, but in New Zealand they are a pest of gigantic proportions and you’ll see many of them on the roads. The other animals to watch out for are outlined here:

sheep-crossing-sign-nz Yes, we all know the jokes about New Zealanders and sheep. There are 60 million of them, and sometimes they’ll be on the road, especially down in the South Island high country.
 cattle-crossing-sign-nz Cattle are as prevalent as sheep. They’re not as bad as in our outback areas where they roam free; they are mostly fenced, but can occasionally escape.
 equestrians-warning-sign-nz New Zealand has a proud horse-riding heritage. In some areas you’ll find this sign, mostly near equestrian facilities.
 kiwi-crossing-sign-nz The Kiwi is the national bird and it is endangered. It ‘s nocturnal and well-camouflaged, so pay particular attention on the road at night if you are travelling through areas with Kiwis
 kiwi-zone-at-night-sign-nz Another Kiwi sign.
 penguin-crossing-sign-nz Of the 17-20 species of penguin (depending on who you talk to), you’ll find six in New Zealand, the most common of which is the Little Blue penguin, which is also found here in Australia. They leave their burrows in the morning, spend all day at sea and return at dusk, so you need to be careful at those times. Little Blue penguins are widely distributed; other penguin varieties in New Zealand are more localised.
 bittern-crossing-sign-new-zealand Bitterns are rare wading birds found only in marshes and wetlands. They are extremely difficult to see when in reeds. You might catch a glimpse of one wandering along the road.

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