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I’ve lost my speeding ticket. What should I do?

Losing a speeding ticket or penalty notice is not uncommon, and it’s not an excuse for paying a fine late (or not paying at all). If you delay or don’t pay the fine, extra enforcement costs will be applied. There are two options to get the process going again.

You know your penalty number and date

If you remember the penalty notice number and the date of the offence, log into myPenalty and enter the details.

If you can log in then you’ll be able to view your penalty details and the deadlines to act, pay your penalty, check your balance, and check whether the Office of State Revenue has received requests or enquiries from you (e.g. request for review, request to go to court, or statutory declaration naming the driver).

You don’t know your penalty number and date

Contact the Office of State Revenue here to retrieve your penalty notice number.

Keeping your address details up-to-date

You must keep Roads and Maritime Services up-to-date with your address. If you move, you must either call them on 132 213 or use this online form to change your address within 14 days.

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