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How to choose the perfect shed for your car tools

If you are an avid car enthusiast and want to create a space that is all yours where you can work on your car, a shed is the perfect solution. A shed provides a perfect space away from the home to work on cars and store tools while keeping everything protected from the elements. When considering a shed, you have to think about how much space you need, where you want to put it, and most importantly how you want to use it.


Depending on whether you’re just tinkering or doing a full-on rebuild of your car, you’ll need to consider the tools you’ll require and how much space around the car you’ll need to work on it. At minimum, you’ll need a rolling storage draw for tools like socket sets and wrenches, plus space around the car for you to lie on the creeper so that you can roll under the car for access.

If you are doing an engine swap, you might have an engine hoist or engine crane for lifting and lowering the engine from the engine bay.

Depending on your needs, you can get a shed capable of fitting one car or many cars at once; of course, you can always remove a vehicle to make room to work on one of the other vehicles in the shed.

The size of the shed also includes the height, so if you wanted to, you could make it as tall as planning laws allow and have a second level for extra storage, or the ability to accommodate a taller vehicle such as a motorhome or truck.

Going taller is also useful for people who want to build a shed on minimal acreage. If you’re really pushed for space, you could consider a car stacker to maximise the vehicle storage.

These kinds of alterations can be made with DIY shed kits that allow you to create a shed that fits your needs and desires perfectly. No matter the size, a custom shed can be created to fit tools, cars, and whatever else you want.


Sturdy walls with plenty of bracing can allow for strong shelving installation that will take the weight of various tools and spare parts. If your walls are already built, you can use 13mm plywood fastened to your existing walls to create a substrate that will take a lot of weight.

Modular storage systems which give the flexibility to move fittings and shelves around are an excellent idea that can grow with your requirements.

It’s also essential to choose a sturdy workbench; one on castors will give more options for placement.


It’s important to consider power points, water supply for a sink, whether you want to have some kind of dedicated fitments for specific tools, and the lighting design (there’s nothing more frustrating than working in light that’s too dim, especially in areas that are usually poorly lit, like an engine bay.


There are many different shed designs out there. You can match the aesthetic of your house or do something bold that fits your style. The shed should be a place that is both stylish and functional, which is why good sheds are made of durable materials like steel so that they look good and protect everything inside from all kinds of weather. If you live somewhere that has harsh winters or lots of storms, you should choose a shed that is designed to withstand intense weather whether it’s hot or cold.

The decision to add a shed to your property opens up a lot of opportunities to work on your cars and store all of your tools in a safe place. If you are considering purchasing a new shed, keep these tips in mind so that you can find the perfect fit.

Darren is an expert on driving and transport, and is a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists

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