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How BMW is shaping the future of bikes

In 2016, BMW has celebrated their centennial anniversary by releasing a brand new motto,”The Next 100 Years”. The company has always been renowned worldwide for their innovative contributions in the industry. It is part of who they are as a brand and their core identity for BMW is closely related to their world class products. BMW was founded in 1916 and since then they have been shaping the future of mobility.

A classic BMW motorbike

They have constantly reinvented themselves over the years and have come a long way from their humble beginnings. They started as an engine aircraft manufacturer and have added motorcycles in their lineup of products. Finally, they have been able to produce the most sought after cars in the automobile industry. Ever since the company was established 100 years ago, they have been clear about their vision for the future. It has become deeply rooted in their brand as they continue to perform exceptional innovations through their products.

The BMW Motorrad is their latest offering in the bike category for their centennial collection. It is a conceptual bike which is directly inspired by their motto. The motorcycle can keep itself in an upright position while the rider is standing or driving.

The potential future of BMW’s motorbikes

Although it still requires a rider to function, the BMW Motorrad is recognized as the bike of the future. Even if it isn’t self driving, it is equipped with the necessary features which make it truly futuristic. It allows the rider to stay in an upright position which cannot be done by any other motorcycle. It also automatically adjusts to different road conditions which make it perfectly safe for the rider to manoeuvre.

According to BMW’s press release, it doesn’t require the rider to have protective clothing on nor does he need a helmet in order to be safe. The BMW Motorrad is advertised as an eco-friendly bike since it doesn’t contribute to pollution and have absolutely no gas emissions. The company is firm in their belief that the incredible features of their latest bike innovation would help save the environment.

Once the rider turns the handle bar, the frame automatically flexes itself and quickly changes shape. This allows the motorcycle to go right or left flawlessly. The rider would have to exert more effort if he wants the bike to go on higher speeds. It makes use of a Flexframe which means that it doesn’t have any shock absorbers, springs, swingarm or suspension. Instead, the two wheels of the bike are the ones which absorb the bumps. It makes use of a never before seen technology which offers exceptional traction control and stability control. The BMW Motorrad is also equipped with anti-lock brakes which keeps it in an upright position at all times. The company has stated in an interview that it is the most ideal bike for beginners. It also adds another level of safety for professional riders who are planning to use it for a longer period of time. It is a smart motorcycle which would never tip or crash which is essentially the perfect image of what all bikes should be.

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