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Are company vehicles required to carry first aid kits?

There’s no specific requirement to carry first aid kits in a vehicle in the health and safety at work legislation. However, in the Model Codes of Practice, it says “All workers must be able to access a first aid kit. This will require at least one first aid kit to be provided at their workplace.” A vehicle is defined as a workplace, so if business is being conducted from a vehicle then a first aid kit is important

If a driver or passenger is at all at risk of receiving an injury while working from a vehicle, then a first aid kit is essential.

A company should remember that a first aid kit is a last-resort measure and that workers should be able to conduct their work in a safe environment with the appropriate personal protective equipment. A first aid kit is not an excuse for workers not having access to protective equipment or safe working practices. A first aid kit is not a box of plasters, either.

Many companies sell first aid kits that have the necessary supplies. The first aid kit should provide basic equipment for administering first aid for injuries including:

  • cuts, scratches, punctures, grazes and splinters
  • muscular sprains and strains
  • minor burns
  • amputations and/or major bleeding wounds
  • broken bones
  • eye injuries

Darren is an expert on driving and transport, and is a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists

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