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You want to park your vehicle for a short time. It is night time. You should: You want to park your vehicle for a short time. It is night time. You should:

  • A. Leave your headlights on high beam.

  • B. Pick a visible position or leave the parking or hazard lights on.

  • C. Park on the footpath.

    The correct answer is B
    Correct. Keep your vehicle as visible as possible without compromising other road users.

Parking or leaving your car at night

When parking at night you should ensure that your vehicle is as visible as possible. If you are parking in an area with streetlights, parking under a streetlight (as long as you are allowed to) keeps your vehicle visible and is a deterrent to thieves as they are visible, too.

If you think that visibility isn't that good, put your hazard warning lights on.

Make sure that if you are leaving your vehicle overnight that the area you park in doesn't convert into a clearway before you'll get back otherwise you will be ticketed and towed.

Don't park on the footpath. Parking on the footpath obstructs pedestrians and may cause them to have to walk on the road which is particularly dangerous for people pushing prams and pushchairs, and disabled people using walkers and mobility scooters.

If you are parking temporarily, leaving your headlights on high beam may dazzle other road users. You must turn your headlights to main beam or just your side lights/park lights.

You should never park facing the traffic as there are no reflectors on the front of your vehicle.

When getting out of your vehicle or getting back in remember that you are less visible to other vehicles. Also, beware of cyclists passing your vehicle as they will be less visible - remember that you have a responsibility to not hit other road users when you open your door.

Make sure you haven't left any interior lights on if you leave the car otherwise they will run the battery down. If you leave the car, set the alarm. If you are staying with the car, lock the doors. There is usually a button which will lock all doors.

If you have to leave your car, move valuables into the boot, cover them another way to make them as invisible as possible, or take them with you. Bear in mind that covering things with a blanket still lets people know that you have things in your car. 

If possible, park in a parking building which has lights and security. Take note of the time the building closes otherwise you might end up paying a hefty fee for a late-night callout for security to come and open the gates.

If you've forgotten to do this, search online for opening times. Companies like Wilson have an interactive map with all their car parks and opening times. Some independent car parks have their own website, like Broadway.