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Your ability to concentrate can be affected by: Your ability to concentrate can be affected by:

  • A. Whether you are familiar with the road you are riding on.

  • B. Fatigue, alcohol, drugs and the clothing you wear.

  • C. The type of motorcycle you ride.

    The correct answer is B
    Correct. Tiredness, alcohol, drugs and distracting clothing can take away your ability to concentrate on the road. Also, if you are too cold, too hot or have had recent bad news you are more likely to be distracted.

Concentrating while riding

When you first start riding you will find it overwhelming and you will only be able to maintain full concentration for short periods of time - perhaps an hour. Once you become more practiced then you should be able to manage 2-3 hours before you should take a break.

Taking a break will get your blood flowing again as sitting in a crouched position on the motorbike can make you stiff. Stop your motorbike and have a walk around. Do some stretching. 

To avoid riding while tired; take a nap before you set off. If you get tired while you are riding, pull over and have a quick nap off the bike. 10-15 minutes is good - much more and you'll feel groggy when you wake up. Wait 5-10 minutes after waking up until you set off again to let any residual grogginess clear.

If you use alcohol, illegal drugs and some kinds of prescription drugs, these can affect your ability to concentrate. 

Your clothing should be a comfortable fit. Too tight and it will be distracting and restricting; too loose and it can flap around and get caught in things. You also need to be the right temperature as hypothermia (when your body's core temperature drops), will cause your brain function to become sluggish.

If you have had recent bad news or you have had an argument, try to avoid driving until your mental state is improved.

If you find your concentration wavering, try using a commentary drive technique. This is where you talk yourself through what you are seeing on the road. This video shows how it's done.