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If you hear the siren of an emergency vehicle, you must If you hear the siren of an emergency vehicle, you must

  • A. Take whatever action is necessary (with safety) to make way for the emergency vehicle.

  • B. Flash your headlights to warn other drivers.

  • C. Increase your speed to avoid the vehicle.

    The correct answer is A
    Correct. Usually moving to the left will allow the emergency vehicle to pass, but check in your mirrors to see where it is approaching from.

Emergency vehicles: ambulance sirens

ambulance NSW

Ambulances have ambulance written in reverse on the front so that you can read it in your rear-view mirror.

If you are waiting at an intersection the ambulance driver will find a way through. Don't emerge into the intersection unless the ambulance waits behind you, and only emerge on a green light, not a red light. If you go through into the intersection you could receive a red light camera fine, and you put yourself in danger of being hit by other vehicles in the intersection. Emergency services drivers are trained not to pressure a driver into doing something dangerous.

If you have a green light and you are waiting and hear an ambulance at the intersection approaching from a road that has a red light, you must stop and wait until the ambulance has passed through the intersection. There could be one or more emergency vehicles, especially if it's a fire engine (a large fire might require two or more vehicles).

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