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As you leave a freeway, which of the following should you check? As you leave a freeway, which of the following should you check?

  • A. Your speed

  • B. Fuel gauge

  • C. Windscreen wipers

    The correct answer is A
    Correct. Travelling at freeway speeds is deceptive. If you are coming to an intersection, roundabout or zone with a lower speed limit, begin to slow down early and adjust your speed appropriately.

Types of motorway exit

Some freeway and motorway exits have long, sweeping curves that allow you to reduce speed gradually, and introduce features into the road, for example that warn you of your speed (such as raised markings that create tactile feedback through your suspension), remind you to slow down using signage, or make the lanes narrower to encourage drivers to slow down. Other exits terminate in a t-intersection or a sharp corner, or have a roundabout. Many times you will be travelling more slowly on the road after you have exited than you were travelling on the motorway, unless you predominantly travel in very heavy traffic.

Perception of speed

As you will have just been travelling at fairly high speed (e.g. 90-100kph) along with every other vehicle travelling at the same speed, you can get a warped impression of what speed you are actually doing. The same phenomenon can happen on a racetrack where, because every other vehicle is doing 200kph, 200kph ceases to feel fast, especially if there are no barriers or obstacles close to the track. 

Exiting the motorway

Before you exit, check your mirrors, then indicate. You should also check your mirrors as you make the turn onto the on-ramp. Check your speed early and look ahead as far as you can because traffic could be backed up at any intersection or roundabout off the motorway (especially in rush hour).

Change down a gear to let your engine do some of the braking. If you are heading into an urban area it's unlikely you will be using gears 5 and upwards, so you can make sure that you change down progressively until you are in third or fourth and then you will have a better appreciation of your speed as the engine will be revving higher.

When motorways are designed it's preferable to have motorway off-ramps uphill because it assists in vehicles slowing down - braking downhill takes further.