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How many days of work diary driving records must you keep in your vehicle? How many days of work diary driving records must you keep in your vehicle?

  • A. 7 days.

  • B. 14 days.

  • C. 28 days.

    The correct answer is C
    Correct. You must keep at least the last 28 days of records in your vehicle.

What information must be recorded in your work diary?

Your work diary (which used to be called a log book) is issued to you personally and it's an offence to let anyone else use it or borrow it. You must not have more than one diary that contains pages that have not been used or cancelled. You must not alter, deface or destroy any page, remove the application page or any original pages, or make any false entries.

All work and rest time must be recorded in your work diary unless you are operating under an exemption. The hours will be logged either as standard hours, BFM (basic fatigue management) hours or AFM (advanced fatigue management) hours. The records must be completed for the whole trip and the work diary must show.

During the journey, you must record:

If you are a two-up driver or become a two-up driver, you must record the:

Use your work diary pages in order from start to finish. You must be able to produce your last 28 days of driving records at any time - i..e you must carry and complete your work diary at all times.

Record keepers

Give your record keeper the duplicate copies of your work diary within 21 days. If you have more than one employer in a single day you must also give the other record keeper a copy of your work diary page. Record keepers must keep copies of work and rest records for a period of 3 years.