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When you see children on or near the road: When you see children on or near the road:

  • A. You should ignore them and pay attention to the rear vision mirror.

  • B. You should reduce your speed by 5 km/h.

  • C. You should slow down and be more careful because they may move suddenly.

    The correct answer is C
    Correct. Children can be unpredictable and may try to cross the road when it's not safe to do so. Be prepared to stop.

Encountering children on the road

You are most likely to encounter children on the road during the times they are travelling to and from school, and at school lunchtimes.

You could also find children near sports fields, playgrounds, skate parks and other recreational facilities in the evening and on weekends.

Take extra care around children with pets, particularly walking large dogs which can easily drag them unexpectedly.

Children tend to be more wobbly on bikes, and as they are smaller they are more difficult to see than an adult cyclist.

Younger children and toddlers often have minimal road sense, yet are highly mobile. They can easily catch their parents off-guard and dash into the road after a ball, for example.