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When driving near parked vehicles, you should: When driving near parked vehicles, you should:

  • A. Check for parked vehicles with turn signals on, or children about to step out.

  • B. Stop, if you see a car with its right-hand indicator on.

  • C. Sound your horn and flash your headlights to warn drivers not to pull out.

    The correct answer is A
    Correct. Parked vehicles maneouvring into traffic may not see you as they pull out. Children may also appear from behind parked vehicles. Be prepared to stop if required.

Driving past parked vehicles

Driving past parked vehicles is more of a hazard for motorcyclists who are more difficult to see. You can read our complete guide to lane position for motorbikes here.

For other larger vehicles you will need to drive closer to the parked vehicles if you don't want to straddle the centre line. Sometimes this might not be possible. 

When driving past parked large vehicles be aware that pedestrians will have to look around them to see what the traffic flow is, whereas with parked cars they can usually see over the top or through the windows. 

You will get much less warning of children or pets rushing out into the road. 

Keep a watch for vehicles that are indicating to pull out into the flow of traffic. You might see the driver's head craning to see, or see the wheels turned ready to pull out and the indicator on.

A longer row of parked vehicles can conceal a driveway which makes it difficult for residents to emerge; they may have to nose out of the driveway in order to see far enough up the road.

A vehicle in front of you looking for a place to park might stop suddenly when they see a gap, and will then need to reverse in order to parallel park.