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You hear the siren of an ambulance approaching you from behind. You should: You hear the siren of an ambulance approaching you from behind. You should:

  • A. Speed up as not to impede the ambulance.

  • B. Slow down to the speed of other traffic.

  • C. Continue at the same speed.

  • D. Move into the left lane.

    The correct answer is D
    Correct. Moving to the left will give the ambulance as much room as possible to pass. Don't make any erratic manoeuvres such as slowing down abruptly or you might cause the ambulance to have to swerve dangerously to avoid you

Emergency vehicles: ambulance sirens

ambulance NSW

Ambulances have ambulance written in reverse on the front so that you can read it in your rear-view mirror.

If you are waiting at an intersection the ambulance driver will find a way through. Don't emerge into the intersection unless the ambulance waits behind you, and only emerge on a green light, not a red light. If you go through into the intersection you could receive a red light camera fine, and you put yourself in danger of being hit by other vehicles in the intersection. Emergency services drivers are trained not to pressure a driver into doing something dangerous.

If you have a green light and you are waiting and hear an ambulance at the intersection approaching from a road that has a red light, you must stop and wait until the ambulance has passed through the intersection. There could be one or more emergency vehicles, especially if it's a fire engine (a large fire might require two or more vehicles).

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