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You should be particularly careful at this intersection because: You should be particularly careful at this intersection because:

  • A. It looks a bit tricky.

  • B. Intersections cause crashes.

  • C. The building blocks a good view of the side street.

    The correct answer is C
    Correct. Buildings can restrict your view of intersections.

Techniques for emerging from intersections with limited visibility

A number of things can cause limited visibility at an intersection:

You can gradually creep forwards in the intersection until you can get a better view. No intersection will be completely blind otherwise the local roading authority would have prevented turns there as it would have been an accident blackspot. However, parked vehicles and signage can make intersections visibility more difficult.

When exiting from an intersection where the view is limited there are some techniques you can use to minimise your risk of an accident.

It's always easier to turn left than right because you don't need to wait for two lanes to become clear. So, one option is to turn left and then find a suitable place to either do a u-turn or find a route that rejoins your desired direction another way. You might find that there's always a queue to turn right at a particular intersection but it's fairly free-flowing to the left; you could see if turning left and then doubling back is quicker.

If there are buildings or parked cars opposite sometimes you can see reflections in the glass. 

Look for shadows to give you slightly advanced warning.

If you open your window you might be able to hear vehicles coming. This isn't a guaranteed way of determining if traffic is coming because many cars are very quiet these days, especially plug-in hybrids and electric cars.

When you do turn out of the intersection, do so briskly just in case a vehicle does come into view.